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Engagement season is coming! (What to expect for the holiday season.)

Have you ever wondered why there is such a surge in the number of couples getting engaged around the same time of year? Before you know it, your buddy, coworker, and that one high school associate have said YES and are planning their wedding.

First and foremost, what exactly is engagement season?

Most couples become engaged over the holiday season (between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day). In fact, between November and February, 37-40% of couples become engaged. And, year after year, December remains the most popular month for engagements.

So, I assure you, there is nothing in the water. There's nothing but love and a slew of Hallmark movies on the horizon.

If you believe you could be getting a ring this upcoming season, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Keep those hands prepped and ready!

Winter is coming! (cue the Game of Thrones' theme song) And the cold, bitter air is hard the hands. Don’t forget to keep your hands lathered up with lotion or a moisturizer.

Picking a date and being flexible.

Chances are there are 10+ more couples that received a ring and are wanting the similar venue and date as you! You have the option of a quick or short engagement by opting for a wedding that spring or summer (you'll have to get started on planning almost immediately).

If you'd rather enjoy the engagement but you've always imagined getting married surrounded by cherry blossoms, you can set a date for the following year (and enjoy a much longer engagement).

Remembering to enjoy the holidays!

This may not be the greatest time for you to start wedding planning because of Thanksgiving, the holidays, and New Year's, as well as all the traveling and catching up on work you'll probably do in between.

Remember to treasure the affection of both of your families when you are surrounded by your loved ones.


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