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Our Top Sources for Inspiration (Besides Pinterest)

You've probably already organized, divided, and pinned all of the best photos on your Pinterest board if you're like most engaged couples. Don't get us wrong; it's a fantastic place to start and spark your imagination. However, it could end up being more of a burden than a blessing since you want your wedding to be authentic and one-of-a-kind, mirroring your love story.

You might notice on Pinterest after a while how certain weddings start to resemble one another. There are many more places to discover inspiration and ideas that match your theme and style.

Here are some of my top favorites:

1. Style Me Pretty

Without a question, Pinterest offers some truly stunning wedding ideas. However, it sets extremely unreasonable financial expectations, especially if you're a DIY person. Style Me Pretty allows you to search for wedding inspiration by season, location, color palette, and vibe.

2. Your Wardrobe

You don't always have to travel far to get inspiration. Your closet holds the key! Is your style bright and eye-catching? Subtle and minimalist? Floral? Or do you want to go against the grain and have your wedding dress be trendy? Whatever wedding clothing you pick, I always recommend wearing whatever makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident!

3. Art Galleries

There’s a reason why they are called artists. Beauty is the eye of the beholder! Allow yourself to be drawn to various art pieces whether it's from a subject, color palette, or medium. If you have a love for a particular artist, think about how you can replicate certain aspects into your wedding!

4. Traveling

Expand your horizons and be willing to visit the exotic or romantic locations that suit your sense of style. If you and your partner live an active, fast-paced lifestyle, consider incorporating elements of the city. Additionally, you could also draw design ideas from your favorite restaurants, date nights, and other trips and vacations you’ve done in the past.



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