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Styling Your Wedding Reception

You've organized your Pinterest board into sections, binge-watched all of the episodes of Four Weddings, and can quote the movie Bride Wars verbatim. If you're anything like me when it comes to wedding planning, you definitely have piles of BRIDES or The Knot magazines with vibrant photographs of beautiful weddings and detailed embellishments.

Styling your wedding tables is a great way to convey the story, theme, and ultimately the love story that you want your guests to get swept up in. Showing — or even switching — your own style through the details is one way to make your wedding come to life and leave lasting memories with your guests.

And, after all, it's the little things that make your wedding special, right? But what is it about your wedding tables that make your guests scream wow?

Make Your Accent Colors POP!

Keep in consideration which bright colors will complement and incorporate the theme of your location when choosing your color palette. Take Olivia and Joe's Rustic Boho wedding at the Historic Bell Hill in Cobden, Illinois, for example.

Their wedding color scheme incorporates subdued jewel tones in terracotta orange, which is now popular. Adding a runner or even the napkins to the foundation cream linens can bring your colors together to tell your tale.

Understand Your Venue’s Style

Always bear in mind how your style might be included during the reception when choosing your wedding venue. The Historic Bell Hill features a panoramic view of the Southern Illinois countryside as well as a cozy pre-Civil War barn with a beautiful fireplace.

Its twinkle lights provide romantic lighting, and the addition of a floral chandelier completes the space's bohemian atmosphere in fall colors. When it came to choosing the location, our couple had warm lighting and soft white draping in mind. This makes the planning and decorating process a lot easier. If the venue's grounds are already beautiful, adding to it will be even more enjoyable.

Add Your Personal Touch

The possibilities are boundless, and you can do a lot with it. Why? It's your wedding, after all. This is your chance to express yourself, whether it's fun and lively or exquisite and timeless. Our couple chose Polaroid as their guest book and had a painting created that included their beloved pet. If you don't want your furry friends to be present at your wedding, their waggy tails can always be present in spirit. As a takeaway favor for your guests, have printed koozies with printed dogs.

Pictured: Bloom Wedding Rentals, Deliciously Ordinary, Esther Bloom Photography


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