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Knowing Wedding Invitation Etiquette

You found the perfect partner for your forever! Now it’s time to choose wedding invitation wording that complements your love story, style, and spirit of your wedding!

Even though there are many details involved in wedding planning, the norms or etiquette surrounding invitations are simple. The most crucial guideline is to ensure that your gorgeous invitations accurately reflect you, your love story, and the theme and aesthetic of your wedding when designing and selecting them. It gives guests their first impression of your wedding's aesthetic and can help determine whether the rest of the festivities will be formal or informal. It also contains crucial details to make sure guests are aware of where to go and when to arrive.

Check out this break of these important etiquette tips:

1. Be Clear and Concise:

Provide your guests with vital information (date, time, location). Any more details can be added to insert cards or your wedding website.

2. Who’s Hosting:

Wedding invitations traditionally include the name(s) of the person(s) hosting (i.e., paying for) the wedding. As times change, it may now be the couples themselves, close friends or family members (such as parents), or a combination of both. It's polite to thank everyone who helped make your special day possible on your invitations, either by name or in the form of a brief sentence like, "Together with their families."

3. Casual or Formal:

The tone you want your wedding to have overall will be made abundantly obvious by how you write your invitation. Giving your guests the option to wear wedding clothes like black tie, cocktail style, or beachy attire will allow them to dress in accordance with your wedding's style.

4. Utilize an Insert Card

There are several things that shouldn't be included in a wedding invitation suite. On a separate insert card, provide guests with a link to your wedding website. You may also use an insert card for information that won't fit on your wedding invitations, including dress code guidelines or information on a backup location in case of severe weather.

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photography: Esther Bloom Photography



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