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6 Tips Keeping Your Guest Comfortable: Summer Outdoors Edition

Summer is here and we got the insights on how to keep your guest nice and cool for your I Do’s!

Summer is widely regarded as peak wedding season, and for good reason. With warm weather, blossoming flowers, and plenty of theme ideas, now is an excellent time to say "I do." There's something about a lovely outdoor summer wedding that contributes to making it a very memorable affair. However, because of the hot weather, there are several special issues that couples must consider while organizing a summer wedding.

1. Plan ahead and send out your save-the-dates early.

School is out, and for families with school-aged children, this means vacation time. Plan ahead of time to alert your friends and family about your upcoming nuptials so they can mark their calendars.

2. Avoid the midday sun!

You should try to avoid the summer heat, which normally peaks around 3 p.m. The sun will be at its fiercest and the heat will be at its most punishing, leaving guests with little energy to enjoy themselves. Ideally, the ceremony should take place in the late afternoon, with supper taking place in the early evening or at twilight. Not only will you be able to fully enjoy a summer wedding without the risk of heat exhaustion, but you'll also have the best lighting for photography.

3. Heavy foods and heat don’t mix.

Consider lighter food alternatives for your reception, such as grilled entrées and locally sourced veggies. Ice pops, frozen drinks, and ice cold water and lemonade are all delightful options. Appetizers like gazpacho shooters and grilled fruit skewers are delicious, and for dessert, fruit pies or tarts can be served instead of (or in addition to) cake.

If you plan on serving a buttercream cake outside, be aware that it can quickly melt due to the heat and humidity. In addition, gnats and flies will be drawn to it. Make a strategy to keep it cool until it's time to take photographs and cut it.

4. Weather can be unpredictable.

Depending on your location, rain can be a damper in any couple’s plans. There is just no way to know if it will rain on your special plan. So as your date grows near start mapping out a backup plan and alert guests to wear light, comfortable clothing. Either notify your guest

5. Sunscreen and more sunscreen!

Make sure to protect your skin from the sun! You might want to have a basket of travel-sized sunscreen on ready for your guests. The guest bathroom, along with insect spray, would be a nice place for the basket. Remind your guests to bring a travel size bottle to your wedding via your wedding website or invitations.

6. Create a space for shaded relief.

If you're planning an outdoor summer wedding, keep in mind that you'll need plenty of shade and other forms of heat relief. Choose a spot with shaded trees or coverings where the ceremony will take place. If you decide to rent out a tent, it may not only serve as an excellent backup plan, but it can also function as a cooler area for your guests to feel relief and keep cool.

This will make both you and your guests have a better time on your special day. To ensure that the venue can manage your visitors, you may want to provide portable air-conditioning equipment. It's a good idea to have water bottles on hand if it's a really hot day.

Just keep in mind that your visitor's comfort is significant. Your wedding day is a time to commemorate your newly married vows while also celebrating with your closest friends and relatives. Guests who are hot, weary, or uncomfortable are less likely to stay for the reception and are more likely to depart the celebration early.



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